Please note that Grouse Mountain will be closed for scheduled annual maintenance from October 11-28. There will be no access to the Skyride and mountaintop facilities or activities during this time.
For information on activity status and dining options, please check Today on Grouse

Zipline & Eye of the Wind Tours


Get your adrenaline pumping and enjoy some incredible views with a visit to the The Eye of the Wind ViewPOD™ and a 5-Line Zipline Tour adventure! This includes access to all the mountaintop activities such as the World Famous Lumberjack Show, Birds in Motion Demonstrations, Eco-walks, Grizzy bear Ranger Talks and much more. 

5-Line Zipline Tour
Our dual-line, five-line circuit gives you a tour across the peaks and canyons of Grouse and Dam Mountains. The zipline experience will give you a unique perspective of Grouse Mountain, combining heart-pounding thrills with an exploration of BC’s old-growth forests. Along the way our fun and friendly guides will look after your safety, and share stories with you that will leave a lasting impression. And then you’ll strap yourself in and...zoom! Make sure to enjoy every second of this jaw-dropping scenery because it goes by fast. Crazy, awesome fast. The tour lasts about two hours.

Visit to The Eye of the Wind
Inspiring and revolutionary, this is the world’s first wind turbine that allows you to stand in a clear glass ViewPOD™ at the top of the tower, three metres from its massive, rotating blades. Stand in awe of 360-degree views as you come face to face with the future of responsible energy.

Total Price:
$128 - Includes Mountain Admission Ticket, 5-Line Zipline Tour and Drop In Eye of the Wind experience.

Recognized by Destination Canada as a Signature Experience.

Mountain Ziplines
Eye of the Wind