Adventure Day Camps

mini explorers (3-4), Juniors (5-7), kids (8-12) & youth (12-14) can explore the Mountain & have fun in nature's backyard. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Grouse Camps? 
All our camps are designed to inspire youth to get outdoors, experience ‘only here’ activities, make friends, play, connect with nature and discover our beautiful British Columbia. 

2. Can my child be in the same group as a friend or sibling? 
We understand that keeping your child with their friend for camp is important and will do our best to accommodate all requests. To help us organize camp groups, please email with the name of the campers and the dates of camp a minimum of 5 days before you camp date. Please note that camp groups are arranged by age. If friends are different ages, we will move the older child to the younger group. Camper must be registered in the same camp program to be placed in the same camp.

3. How old does my child have to be to come to camp? 
We welcome campers 3-14 years old.  Grouse Mountain has aligned their age brackets with the Vancouver school board. This means a family can register their child(ren) for Camp if the student reaches the age of 5 years on or before December 31 of the calendar year.  For campers 3-4 years old, please see question #2 in the Mini Explorers Camp FAQ's below.

4. Are camps running on public holidays? 
Yes camps will be operating during public holidays.

5. What should campers bring to camp? 
Each camp option will provide a basic kit list based on the season. For both summer and winter camps we recommend the following: 
  • As Mountain conditions change rapidly, dress your child in layers and waterproof clothing. 
  • We recommend packing sunglasses, sunscreen a hat and extra socks. 
  • If you did not purchase a food during registration, please provide your child with a lunch. A snack is also highly recommended especially for our junior campers. 
  • When there is snow on the ground, we recommend snow/waterproof boots, gloves, and a toque are required. 
  • If you are taking part in our Mountain Venture program please bring a small back pack and sturdy hiking boots.

6. Where do I drop off my child for camp? 
All camps for 5-16 year old children meet at 8:30am at the base of the mountain opposite Starbucks close to the Red Skyride terminal.  For our Mini Explorers Club (3-4 years), drop off and collection for this camp is now at the base of the Mountain. If your child has not been on the Skyride to the top of Grouse Mountain before, parents will be asked to stay with camper(s) until the Skyride leaves. Complementary adult tickets will be provided should a camper require the support of a parent to ride the Skyride for the first time.

7. Where do I pick up my child from camp? 
Parents or guardians can collect their youth or child at the same location as drop-off opposite Starbucks close to the Red Skyride terminal. Pick up time is 3:30pm. If your child is registered for after camp activities, pick up time is 4:30pm or 5:30 for extended after camp. 

8. What is the Camp Leader to camper ratio? 
We aim to maintain low camper-to-staff ratios according to ensure the highest quality of programs. Our Mini Explorers Club (3-4 years) have a ratio of 4 campers to 1 staff member.  For our junior camps with campers between 5-7 years old, we have a maximum ratio of 7 campers to 1 staff member. For our campers 8-14, we have a maximum ratio of 10 campers to 1 staff member.

9. My child can’t make camp because they are sick, what options do I have? 
Grouse Mountain will happily invite you back to another day of camp later in the week/month. If a child is sick during the last week/days of camp a camp credit will be recorded. This will give them the option to attend future, summer/spring break camps. 

10. Do Grouse Mountain Camps lend themselves for multiple weeks of camp? 
Yes, particularly as all age ranges of campers have multiple camps to choose from. In the past campers have chosen to repeat several weeks of the same camp because they enjoyed meeting new people or wanted to share the experience with a friend. We do our best to put repeating campers in leadership roles, giving them plenty of room for growth.

12. Can I order lunch as part of the camp?
Yes, we are fortunate to have high quality meal options for our camps participants. Junior lunches are $9 per person, per day. Adventure Camp and Youth Program lunches are $12 per person, per day. Portion size and content varies. Junior Camp lunches are only available to those 7 years and younger. Campers select their lunch option each morning of camp and will choose from the following menu.

Junior Camps
Pizza (cut into 8), side fries, banana/apple, juice box
Hot dog, side fries, banana/apple, juice box
½ Ham & Cheese sandwich, cookie, banana/apple, juice box*
½ Veggie Wrap, banana/apple, cookie, juice box*

Adventure Camps 
Pizza (cut into 6), side fries, banana/apple, juice box 
Hamburger, side fries, banana/apple, juice box 
Ham & Cheese sandwich, cookie, banana/apple, juice box* 
Veggie Wrap, banana/apple, cookie, juice box*

Youth Venture campers are required to bring their own lunch so we can enjoy picnics in the mountains!

*Gluten free options are the Ham and Cheese Sandwich and Veggie Wrap which will be served with a gluten free brownie. Food is not prepared in a nut free environment.

13. Can my children buy lunch on the Mountain? 
No, we provide an option to buy lunch when signing up for camp at either $12 or $9 per day dependent on age. Otherwise, students are welcome to bring their own lunch. 

14. Can my 6 year old and 10 year old be in the same group for camp? 
To ensure youth get the most enjoyment out of their camp experience, Junior Campers 5-7 years and Adventure Campers 8-12 years have very different schedules and age ranges are not mixed. If you have a unique request, please inform our sales team when you book. 

15. Can my child bring a knife along to camp? 
No, we do not allow knives at camp. If a child arrives at camp with a knife, a camp leader will hold on to it and return it at the end of day. Safety is a big priority for all of us at Grouse Mountain. We have lots of other exciting and safe equipment to use at camp.

16. Will my junior camper and adventure camper get to see each other throughout the day?
The Junior Camps and Adventure Camps may cross paths throughout the week but each camp has a different base. That said on Fridays both junior and adventure camps are scheduled to share 2 of the same activities for our BC Cultural day so they will see each other.

17. Will my child get put in a group with children their age? 
We do our best to ensure that groups are matched by age, allowing us to adjusted activities accordingly for maximum fun all-round. 

18. What are the after hour’s activities? 
The After Camp Activities are chosen by those attending. Campers will have both indoor and outdoor activities to choose from. 

19. What if I want my child to leave on the bus? 
This option is available but discouraged for all campers 12 and under. If this is the only option available, parents must sign a release of liability before the first day of camp so the child can sign themselves out.

20. What if my child is apprehensive about taking part in activities because they are nervous of heights?
Some of our camp options include not always having our feet firmly on the ground. Grouse Mountain has a challenge by choice policy; this means that we will encourage youth to participate in all high ropes activities, but ultimately we fully respect a camper’s personal choice. We encourage youth to set a target when rock climbing, even if this is 3 feet from the ground. We do our best to have alternate activities available for those not wishing to take part high rope activities. 

21. Does Grouse Mountain welcome campers with special needs? 
Yes, of course! We are more than happy for you to provide an aide of your own. Aides will be welcomed free of charge and your camper will pay our standard camp rates. 

22. I want to know more about Axe Throwing as part of camp.
Junior campers (5-7 years) will be throwing rubber axes. Adventure Campers (8-12 years) will begin throwing rubber axes. If the group completes training, our axe throwing expert will provide the opportunity for campers to throw a real hatchet one person at a time, carefully supervised.

23. Will my camper be carrying their bag all day or do they have a safe place to store it?
All camps have a home base on the Mountain which gives campers a place to drop there bag and enjoy activities to their fullest. Some days of camp require campers to bring their bags with them, for example when we head out on hikes.

25. What is your cancellation policy?

Mini Explorers Club FAQ's

1. What qualifications do Mini Explorer Camp leaders have? 
As a minimum, a camp leader for children 3-4 years old will have experience working with children 3-4 years old and have an Early Childhood Educator certification or similar. 

2. How old does my Mini Explorer have to be to come to camp? 
Campers must be 3 years of age, 2 months prior to their first scheduled date of camp. 

3. Where is drop-off for the Mini Explorers Club? 
Drop off and collection for this camp is at the base of the Mountain. Please note, If your child has not been on the Skyride to the top of Grouse Mountain before, parents will be asked to stay with camper(s) until the Skyride leaves. Complimentary adult tickets will be provided should a parent need to ride to the top with a camper for drop off.

4. Can my child sign-up for camp if they are still in diapers? 
Unfortunately not, we require all Mini Explorers to be out of diapers for camp. This will allow our camp leaders to focus on delivering the best possible experience for all campers. 

5. How can I help prepare my little explorer for camp? 
We encourage parents to talk about Grouse Mountain, the Skyride, and the weekly camp theme your little explorer is signed up for. These themes are listed on the Mini Explorers Club web page. 

6. Are parents allowed to stay for camp? 
We discourage parents staying with the camp group during camp. 

7. Should I provide a snack for my camper? 
For each camp we provide fruit and a juice box. If your little camper is unlikely to eat the fruit we provide, please be sure to pack something for them instead. 

8. When is registration cut off? 
Registration cut off is 5:00pm the day prior to the camp date, subject to availability. 


We are thrilled to safely welcome you back to Grouse Mountain! Please see our latest update for details.