Adventure Day Camps

mini explorers (3-4), Juniors (5-7), kids (8-12) & youth (12-14) can explore the Mountain & have fun in nature's backyard. 

What parents are saying about the camps at the Peak of Vancouver

“What an amazing opportunity to learn about our 'own backyard' on Grouse - the animals, the scenery, being outdoors - couldn't ask for anything more! Great job on the Day Camps!! Exceeded my expectations!”

“Excellent program!!!! I will definitely be looking at having my son attend again next year.”

“The minute my son came down from the gondola, he wanted to attend another day camp right away. Excellent interaction with the animals in a safe environment.”

“We cannot thank you enough for creating such an amazing educational program at Grouse Mountain! My son Tristan has a severe dyslexia designation and the Grouse programs have helped him to gain confidence and a sense of responsibility. We appreciate everything you have done for him over the past few years and look forward to seeing you in the summer.”

“Stella had a fantastic time & enjoyed herself everyday! The variety of activities was perfect. I could tell she had a great time & day by her sparkle when I picked her up, she really loved it.”

“The camp facilitators are top notch and Sidney always has an amazing time at Grouse Mountain. What a fantastic camp!”

”Amazing! What a fabulous experience for Lauren to feed the bears and learn about their habitat and also the wolves - we feel so privileged to have the opportunity to put Lauren in such a great camp! 
Barn Owl - HIGHLIGHT of Lauren's Summer!” 

“My daughter said "I love Grouse Mountain!“ The hummingbird release made my daughter's week, it was all she talked about! Loved the barn owl & the personal pix.”

“The kids have said this was their favorite camp ever. They learned so much without even realizing they were learning. Came home every day with quizzes for myself and lots of interesting facts.” 


We are thrilled to safely welcome you back to Grouse Mountain! Please see our latest update for details.