Just another day at the office...

Our Mission

The Grouse Mountain Mission Statement embodies our corporate goals and values. Please take the time to understand our mission as it drives all of the efforts we undertake to satisfy our guests. A mission statement is a self-imposed duty or task. Our core purpose describes our intended or desired results or why we exist. 

Our Mission Statement: 
To celebrate everything that is uniquely British Columbian. 

Our Goal 
To be a top tourism and recreation destination in Canada. 

Our Core Purpose 
To consistently provide the ultimate British Columbian experience for the enjoyment of all Grouse Mountain guests.

Our Values

We are I.N.S.P.I.R.E. 
  • Innovative - Creative, Boundary-pushing, Imaginative, Leaders, Trail blazers
  • Nature-loving - Green, Reducing waste, Recycle, Buy local, Carbon footprint savvy, Protecting and educating
  • Safe - Protecting the well-being of staff, contractors, guests, Safety-focused
  • Passionate - Passionate about the guest and staff experience, Respectful, Team players who embrace a “Sure We Can” attitude, Co-workers as family
  • Inspiring - Celebrating sport, adventure, healthy active living and the outdoors, Community connection, Coaching and developing youth
  • Real - Authentic experiences, True to ourselves, Communicators
  • Entrepreneurial - Energized by challenge, Doers, Optimistic, Unafraid of big goals, Performance-oriented, Accountable


Due to COVID-19, Grouse Mountain has suspended all resort operations and is closed until further notice. Please see our latest update for details.
During the COVID-19 closure, access to Resort property is prohibited.