Wildlife & Outdoor Education Field Trips

On a Wildlife & Outdoor Education field trip, your group will be greeted at the base of the Mountain before taking the scenic Skyride to start your program at the Peak of Vancouver. Your day will be fully guided by our experienced education team.

Choose Your Adventure 
Full-day Field Trips (9:30am - 2:30pm) include the Skyride plus up to 3 guided sessions. 

We recommend: 
  • 1 Wildlife & Outdoor Education Session
  • 1 Recreation Activity
  • 1 First Nations Culture Presentation 

Looking for a unique schedule? Let us know and we will work with you to build an express or modified day.

Wildlife & Outdoor Education programs at Grouse Mountain

Wildlife & Outdoor Education Sessions

45 Minute Session
Explore the wonders of nature through hands-on learning. These fun sessions are tailored for students by learning level, and align with British Columbia curriculum. You can select a wildlife & outdoor education curriculum session for one of your three guided sessions.
FAQ Display

Primary (Kindergarten - Grade 3)
+ Thrive & Survive
+ Mountain Adaptations (Grade 2-7)
+ Bears of North America

Intermediate (Grade 4-7)
+ Mountain Adaptations
+ Who Eats Who
+ Owls of Grouse Mountain
+ BC Resources
+ 5 Themes of Geography
+ Bears of North America

Secondary (Grade 8-12) & Post-Secondary
+ Owls of Grouse Mountain
+ Bears of North America
+ Sustainability in Motion
+ Tourism Sneak Peek

For more options, check out our Adventure Programs.

Recreation Activities

45 Minute Activity
Explore the mountain with recreation activities — from Guided Eco-walks in the summer, to snowshoeing in the winter, and more. You can select adventure activities for one, two, or all three of your field trip sessions.

+ Wildlife
+ Green Season Adventure
+ Snow Season Adventure

All activities are weather and conditions permitting 

 *Rentals are included in your field trip admission for one activity — snowshoeing, skating, or sliding

Mountain Adventure - Add-on Experiences 
Special rates are available to add Ziplining, Mountain Ropes Adventure™, Kids Tree Canopy Adventure™, and the Eye of the Wind® to your education visit. Let us know when you book!

First Nations Presentation

45 Minute Presentation
Led by a Squamish First Nation Elder, students will interactively discover traditional First Nations customs, legends, dances and rich history in the hiwus Feasthouse, an authentic Pacific Northwest Coastal Longhouse. The Elder will present a song and a story for your group. Please let us know if you have a preference when you book. You can select a First Nations presentation for one of your three guided sessions.
+ Songs
+ Stories

Full day First Nations Culture programs are also available.

Book Your Visit

Ready to book your field trip? 
1. Choose the date Pick a first choice and second choice that works with your group’s schedule. To qualify for education pricing, your group must consist of 75% school-aged students. 

2. Select your activities. Up to 3 guided sessions are included in a full five-hour day. We recommend one curriculum session, one adventure activity, and a hiwus Feasthouse presentation. 

3. Contact us — Use our online booking form with the link below.


If you're planning to visit the mountain, don’t forget to purchase your ticket online and reserve your Skyride boarding time ahead of arrivingBC Residents get a discount on Mountain Admission everyday, be sure to enter your postal code before purchasing your tickets. Mountain Admission is 40% off after 4pm daily!