Field Trips FAQ

All the questions you might have when booking - answered for you in advance.

Educator questions for Grouse Mountain field trips


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+ How long are your programs?

+ Can the program be shorter/longer?

+ What activities do you offer on your programs?

+ How many students and/or classes can you accommodate in your programs?

+ Are all activities at the Chalet? How do you travel around the venues?

+ What is the cost for a Guided Wildlife Education Program?

+ Are there complimentary tickets for Teachers & Supervisors?

- How much are deposits?
Deposits are required to confirm activity dates. These deposits are non-refundable and must be received within 2 weeks of booking for date to be considered guaranteed. For bookings with an arrival date of less than 2 weeks out, deposit must be made day of booking. Deposits vary depending on the chosen program. Amounts are as follows:

 • Wildlife Education programs $125
 • híwus First Nations Cultural program        $250
• Sustainability in Motion program $125
• Self-guided programs $125
• Snowschool programs $250

Cheques are payable to Grouse Mountain Resorts LP. Credit cards are also accepted.

+ How do you arrange payment?

+ What is your cancellation policy?

+ What do you do if the weather is inclement?

+ Grants

+ What is your Bursary Program?

+ What lunch options do you have for school groups?

+ What options are there for students with food allergies or sensitivities?

+ Are you able to accommodate guests with disabilities?

+ Do you allow Guide Dogs on your programs?

+ Do you have parking for busses? What does it cost?

+What options are there for transportation to the Mountain?

+What is the cost for additional adults?

+ Do you allow siblings or additional family members on Educational Programs?

Parent questions for Grouse Mountain field trips


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+ What do I send with my child on the field trip? What do they wear?

+ Can I come on the field trip?

+ Can I bring my younger/older child?

+Can I bring a friend/grandparent?

+ What are the parking arrangements if I am driving?

+ What is the cost if I want to come?

+ My child has a dental appointment, what arrangements can be made for him/her?

+ What lunch options are available for parents?

+ I want to buy my child lunch, what options are available?

+ My child may not be able to walk the entire route, what options are there?

+ I need to contact my child, how do I do that?