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Bears of North America

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Program Overview

Students will learn the similarities and differences between the three species of North American bears. Add on a visit to our two orphaned Grizzly Bears as one of your activities, and it’s the perfect outing! (Bear Habitat open spring through fall. During hibernation we suggest the movie “Extremely Wild” as an activity choice, which tells the story on how Grinder and Coola came to live on Grouse Mountain). Add on a visit to our hiwus Feasthouse for a special presentation by our First Nations elder, Kwel-a-a-nexw, and a traditional perspective on the local flora and fauna.

Field Experience – Outdoor “classrooms” will be utilized whenever possible to explore local habitat in person

This field experience focuses on North America’s three bear species: Black Bear, Grizzly Bear and Polar Bear. Through cooperative activities, artifacts, and games, students will compare the physical characteristics, habitat and diet, that will enable the students to better understand the uniqueness of each bear, as well as learn about their individual adaptations and behaviours. A review of the terms size, shape, colour, needs, shelter, environment, habitat, diet, food, same, different, adaptation, appearance, behaviour, hibernation, lifecycle, enemies, prey and predator.

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