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Owls of Grouse Mountain


Program Overview

Biodiversity is greater in BC than in any other part of Canada. The many species of plants and animals found here include some of the rarest in the world. We will take a close look at one of the most endangered species of BC, the Northern Spotted Owl, while also discussing the impacts and consequences of extinction. Discovering current rehabilitation efforts and our own personal responsibilities in maintaining species diversity will be emphasized. This program includes an educational session with Cleo our resident Barn Owl and teaches how her role as an ambassador at Grouse Mountain is bringing awareness to the plight of all endangered animals.

Field Experience Overview - Curriculum Presentation

The curricular component of this field experience focuses on the endangered species found within beautiful British Columbia. Through cooperative activities and the use of unique artifacts, students will identify the most common reasons why plants and animals are endangered. 
 A review of the terms ecosystem, local environment, water cycle, surface runoff, leaching, biodegradable, natural resources, watershed, air-shed, conservation, recycling, extraction, harvesting, renewable, non-renewable, pollution (water, air, land), equilibrium, resource, raw materials, solar energy, environmental impact, endangered, threatened and extinct.

Intermediate Applicable Big Ideas

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