Broomball tournament for charity!

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Imagine if every step you took was agony or if even putting a shirt on was painful. That is what daily life is like for children and adults who are living with the rare genetic condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa or EB. Patients with EB lack the “glue” that normally binds skin together. The slightest touch can result in blisters and wounds comparable to 3rd degree burns- every day is filled with constant pain.

In effort to help support families living with EB, Grouse Mountain and DEBRA Canada, are coming together to put on a fun filled evening of broomball. Join us as we aim to increase awareness surrounding this challenging disease and raise valuable funds for those affected by EB. 

Gather your friends and colleagues on Friday, February 23rd for an evening full of fun at the Peak of Vancouver with teams competing against one another at broomball. No skill or previous experience is require as anyone can play broomball which is similar to ice hockey but without skates and using a broom and a ball! Teams range in size from six to ten players and we will provide you with all the necessary equipment plus a quick tutorial. 


In operation today are Upper Purgatory, Heaven's Sake, Paradise, Paradise Jib Park, Chalet Road, Cut Park, Peak Face and the Cut to mid-station. Check out the Activities and Attraction page for more information on terrain updates! Blue Grouse Loop and the Snowshoe Grind are now open 9am-Dusk!