Snow Limo Tours

Experience the sights, sounds and thrills of gliding on snow trails in comfort.

Snow Limo

Your personal Snow Limo Chauffeur will take you for a comfortable snowy mountain trail excursion and show you all the sights that you have not been able to see up to now! Enjoy the exhilaration of snow-gliding downhill in a comfortable and environmentally friendly, gravity powered and chauffeur driven Snow-Limo.

Choose from four different tours.

Grouse Mountain Tour (15 min)

This is a one-run tour down the Cut and back up the Screaming Eagle chair.


Bronze Tour (30 min)

This excursion is an excellent way to get acquainted with The Cut, Western Canada's most famous scenic downhill run. The illusion of skiing or riding right into the City of Vancouver comes alive as your personal chauffeur takes you down the gently cascading slopes of The Cut and returns you to the Peak Plateau via the Screaming Eagle, Vancouver's first high-speed detachable quad chair.


Silver Tour (60 min)

Get a true taste of the diversity of Grouse Mountain's winter terrain with this tour of The Cut, Buckhorn, Heaven's Sake and Lower Peak. You will experience the high-speed rush of both of Grouse Mountain's quad chairs, The Screaming Eagle and the Olympic Express, as your tour takes you to the very summit of the mountain, 4,100 feet above sea level! Depending on your preferred pace for the adventure, you may take another exhilarating run down The Cut.


Romantic Getaway Tour

The ultimate combination of downhill adrenaline and fine-dining luxury, the Romantic Getaway Tour takes you on a 30-minute overview of Grouse Mountain's snowy terrain and then treats you to an unforgettable dinner for 2 in The Observatory, the resort's crown jewel of dining venues.


Book Your Snow-Limo Tour

To book your Snow-Limo excursion, contact Guest Services at 604.980.9311. Days and times may vary depending on availability.


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