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Snow School FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do students who have a season's pass or their own equipment have to pay the full price for the School Ski and Snowboard lessons?
Ski and snowboard pricing is broken down into options for students who have a winter season's pass and/or their own equipment. Students need only pay for the services they use.

Q. Do prices include tax?
Applicable taxes are included in prices where noted.

Q. Can I receive a refund for a lesson my child has missed due to a non-medical reason?
Refunds or equivalent value vouchers will be issued for students absent from school due to illness or medical reasons only. A processing fee of $30 for each group refund request applies. All unused tickets must be returned to Guest Services on the same day of the missed session in order to be eligible. The organizing teacher must submit refund or voucher request forms by the last business day in April of the same school year.

Q. Do you offer helmets for the students in the School Ski & Snowboard Lessons?
For your students' safety, helmets are mandatory for all school ski and snowboard lessons. If a student does not have their own helmet, a complimentary helmet will be provided. Please see the Payment Form to rent and reserve helmets for your students on the day of your sessions. These must be reserved in advance of your lesson date.

Q. Can I meet my students in the Peak Chalet after their Ski and Snowboard lesson?
Students will be returned to the Snow School meeting area of the snow school afterat the end of the lesson. Students will only be released into the care of a supervising teacher or parent at the meeting area. It is the teacher's responsibility to be at the meeting area on time. (Lessons will end 1.5 hours after the scheduled start time.)

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