Web Cams

Watch what's happening at Grouse Mountain - live

Grizzly Bear Hibernation Den Cam

We are in the process of transitioning this camera to the bears' outdoor habitat. New camera image coming shortly.
The live video feed above shows a unique view into the hibernation den of our two resident Grizzly Bears – Grinder and Coola. Their den is a reinforced-wood sleeping chamber with a small doorway designed to keep the inside as dark as possible. Inside the den it is near pitch black and the light you see on the camera is infrared light (not visible to the bears) and comes from two emitters in the wall. The doorway from the den leads to a larger covered area where the bears occasionally come out to check the weather conditions and stretch their legs.


It’s our last weekend of the winter season. We are open for skiing and riding from 9am to 10pm until April 22nd with discounted lift ticket pricing.