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Snowshoe Grind Leader Boards

This Season

All Time

  • Men
    Name Time
    David Noble 00:26:05
    Oliver Bibby 00:26:19
    Herman Alagao 00:26:32
    Ian Robertson 00:27:16
    Ray Barrett 00:27:39
    Masamichi D Shibata 00:27:50
    Andrew Hanlon 00:28:17
    James Stewart 00:28:31
    Tim Ticker Wiens 00:28:43
    Toni Hulsch 00:29:02
  • Women
    Name Time
    Brooke Spence 00:30:04
    Esta Cormack 00:32:41
    Mona Windl 00:33:02
    Kathy Porter 00:35:20
    Julie Mcclenahan 00:35:38
    Jennifer Golinski 00:36:40
    Debra Booth 00:37:42
    Amy Tso 00:37:59
    Barbara Dortch 00:38:33
    Janette Purdham 00:38:48

Results Men

Leaders by Age Group

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Leaders by Age Group

Most Grinds - Men

Most Grinds - Women

Most Grinds This Season

  • Men
    Name Grinds
  • Women
    Name Grinds

Most Grinds Ever

  • Men
    Name Grinds
    Terence Byrne 1,601
    Tom Sertic 780
    Idar Karlsen 544
    Cameron Gillis 355
    Kalwant Sahota 222
    Dan Norberg 210
    Tom Foreman 198
    John H Yagi 181
    Andrew Hanlon 146
    Michael Frewin 126
  • Women
    Name Grinds
    Lorna Fahbod 391
    Trisha Chenatte 357
    Amy Tso 344
    Julie Mcclenahan 341
    Judy Westacott 323
    Kathy Porter 182
    Veronika Sertic 107
    Jennifer Golinski 81
    Barbara Dortch 81
    Fely Wray 62

Today's Grinds

No Grinds yet today. Check back soon.


In operation today are Upper Purgatory, Heaven's Sake, Paradise, Paradise Jib Park, Chalet Road, Cut Park, Peak Face and the Cut to mid-station. Check out the Activities and Attraction page for more information on terrain updates! Blue Grouse Loop and the Snowshoe Grind are now open 9am-Dusk!