Please be advised, Altitudes Bistro will be closing at 2:15pm today, Saturday March 2nd, for a private event. 
Please be advised, due to all the fresh snow, it is a busier day here at Grouse Mountain and recommend carpooling or taking public transit to keep excitement levels high!
Due to limited terrain, some Snow School lessons are not running. Please check Today on Grouse - Lessons for up to date information.   

Grouse Grind Stats

Welcome to the Grouse Grind™/BCMC stats page. Grouse Mountain's Grind™ Timer will allow you to monitor your performance and see how you rank against others on both the BCMC trail and Grouse Grind.

If you have a Grind™ Timer, you can view your personal stats by creating an account on the Grouse Mountain website and linking your Grind™ Timer pass number. Already created an account? You can add your Grind™ Timer anytime on your Account page by click the Add a Pass link.

Grouse Grind Leader Boards

This Season

  • Men
    Name Time
    Jordan Guenette 00:27:28
    Damien Waugh 00:30:22
    Sean Grind 00:31:29
    Benjamin Pollack 00:32:37
    Derek Scott 00:32:43
    Noah Bloom 00:33:29
    Evan Richardson 00:34:14
    Jason Chong 00:34:18
    Carl Jacobson 00:34:18
    Daniel Banchuk 00:34:47
  • Women
    Name Time
    Haley Cruse 00:35:53
    Yasmine Saboui 00:36:27
    Julia Hlynsky 00:37:16
    Brooke Spence 00:37:47
    Stephanie Hamilton 00:38:05
    Robyn Sproston 00:38:51
    Elsa Adamick 00:38:56
    Erin Miller 00:39:25
    Tamara Woolgar 00:40:17
    Chen Fion 00:40:23

All Time

  • Men
    Name Time
    Sebastian Salas 00:23:48
    Jordan Guenette 00:26:49
    Hirdyansh G. 00:26:50
    Joseph Symonds 00:27:38
    Michael Milic 00:27:53
    Dean Murdoch 00:27:58
    Brandon Crichton 00:28:09
    Morgan Titus 00:28:15
    Jan Eitel 00:28:35
    Rob Watson 00:28:35
  • Women
    Name Time
    Madison Sands 00:29:10
    Brooke Spence 00:31:05
    Robyn Mildren 00:32:05
    Stephanie Hamilton 00:32:08
    Kim Halowski 00:32:38
    Aisling O Shea 00:32:50
    Jessica Craig 00:33:08
    Haley Cruse 00:33:24
    Nicole Ticea 00:33:29
    Natasha De Guzman 00:33:31

Results Men

Leaders by Age Group

Results Women

Leaders by Age Group

Most Grinds - Men

Most Grinds - Women

Most Grinds This Season

  • Men
    Name Grinds
    Jason Chong 300
    Sean Grind 299
    Colin Ellis White 256
    Hasan Nagib 222
    Ross Hamilton 210
    Dj Remi 185
    Don Simpson 175
    Peter Lee 175
    Michael Frewin 126
    Robert Kearns 122
  • Women
    Name Grinds
    Atoussa Alikashani 283
    Chen Fion 215
    Jennifer Pink 150
    Haley Cruse 143
    Tamara Woolgar 90
    Brooke Spence 88
    Tatiana Ligai 82
    Jennifer Golinski 80
    Allison Sorace 78
    Deborah Jessiman 76

Most Grinds Ever

  • Men
    Name Grinds
    Jason Chong 4,900
    Colin Ellis White 3,535
    Don Simpson 2,982
    Terry Byrne 2,900
    Peter Lee 2,751
    Gary Lubin 2,465
    Robert Kearns 2,223
    Michael Frewin 1,832
    Tim Wiens 1,758
    Byron Sweeney 1,692
  • Women
    Name Grinds
    Atoussa Alikashani 2,839
    Sarah Tomlinson 1,824
    Julie Mcclenahan 1,810
    Judy Westacott 1,712
    Andrea Johb 1,639
    Amy Tso 1,576
    Brooke Spence 1,459
    Jennifer Pink 1,386
    Tatiana Ligai 1,363
    Jennifer Golinski 1,293

Today's Grinds

No Grinds yet today. Check back soon.