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Grouse Grind Leader Boards

This Season

  • Men
    Name Time
    Jordan Guenette 00:27:46
    Benoit Gignac 00:29:13
    Rob Watson 00:29:22
    Michael Mcmillan 00:29:32
    Philip Cicha 00:29:33
    Mitchell Thrift 00:29:34
    Linden Poirier 00:29:58
    Charles Philibert Thiboutot 00:30:11
    Sam Morris 00:30:14
    Damien Waugh 00:30:19
  • Women
    Name Time
    Brooke Spence 00:31:23
    Aisling O Shea 00:32:50
    Laura H. 00:34:10
    Allegra Hollingbury 00:35:09
    Yasmine Saboui 00:35:23
    Haley Cruse 00:35:45
    Robyn Sproston 00:36:54
    Tamara Woolgar 00:37:34
    Leanna Lum 00:37:45
    Nicole Ticea 00:37:55

All Time

  • Men
    Name Time
    Sebastian Salas 00:23:48
    Jordan Guenette 00:26:54
    Joseph Symonds 00:27:38
    Michael Milic 00:27:53
    Dean Murdoch 00:27:58
    Brandon Crichton 00:28:09
    Morgan Titus 00:28:15
    Jan Eitel 00:28:35
    Rob Watson 00:28:35
    Shaun Stephens Whale 00:28:39
  • Women
    Name Time
    Madison Sands 00:29:10
    Brooke Spence 00:31:05
    Robyn Mildren 00:32:05
    Stephanie Hamilton 00:32:08
    Kim Halowski 00:32:38
    Aisling O Shea 00:32:50
    Jessica Craig 00:33:08
    Nicole Ticea 00:33:29
    Natasha De Guzman 00:33:31
    Jasmin Glaesser 00:33:39

Results Men

Leaders by Age Group

Results Women

Leaders by Age Group

Most Grinds - Men

Most Grinds - Women

Most Grinds This Season

  • Men
    Name Grinds
    Don Simpson 416
    Robert Kearns 296
    Colin Ghost Ellis White 267
    Gary Lubin 258
    Mike Thalmann 171
    Sanjiv Gandhi 132
    Michael Frewin 128
    Hosam Elmshaklat 124
    Byron Sweeney 116
    Andy Peter 114
  • Women
    Name Grinds
    Brooke Spence 208
    Atoussa Alikashani 206
    Julie Mcclenahan 202
    Tatiana Ligai 194
    Judy Westacott 138
    Cecilia Tugade 131
    Lucy Choi 131
    Allison Sorace 128
    Jennifer Pink 113
    Henny Schuett 113

Most Grinds Ever

  • Men
    Name Grinds
    Jason Chong 3,826
    Terry Byrne 2,744
    Colin Ghost Ellis White 2,556
    Peter Lee 2,240
    Don Simpson 2,160
    Gary Lubin 2,052
    Dan Norberg 1,548
    Robert Kearns 1,544
    Byron Sweeney 1,531
    Tim Wiens 1,476
  • Women
    Name Grinds
    Atoussa Alikashani 1,975
    Sarah Tomlinson 1,824
    Andrea Johb 1,639
    Amy Tso 1,576
    Julie Mcclenahan 1,481
    Judy Westacott 1,228
    Trisha Chenatte 1,117
    Jennifer Golinski 1,090
    Lorna Fahbod 1,040
    Brooke Spence 1,038

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The Mountain is open for skiing and riding as well as our outdoor mountaintop activities daily. Please check our Spring Hours of Operation for details. Indoor dining has been paused until April 19th, 2021 but takeout and patio options are available. Learn more.  
Please be aware, Grouse Mountain will be closed for two days April 19th & April 20th for pre-scheduled BC Hydro maintenance. Regular spring operating hours will resume on April 21st.