Pure Poetry

Be captivated by majestic birds of prey.

Birds in Motion

For thousands of years man has been captivated by the effortless flight of birds of prey. From the aerial majesty of a Golden Eagle soaring on the thermals, to the breathtaking rush of a Peregrine Falcon diving from the sky, these birds have captured our hearts and imaginations. Now Grouse Mountain, in cooperation with the Pacific Northwest Raptors, invites you to witness some of nature's finest athletes demonstrate what they do best - "free flight". 

The World's Fastest Animal

Witness the incredible hunting skills of the eagle, hawk and falcon. Prepare to be awed by the incredible flying skills of the Peregrine Falcon, the world's fastest living animal. Learn why the Red-tailed Hawk, North America's most common raptor, is such a successful species or meet a Golden Eagle, one of BC's largest birds of prey.

Birds in Motion Demonstrations

Daily at 1:30pm, 3:30pm and 5:30pm (late May to mid September).

The Birds in Motion Demonstration is included with your Alpine Experience ticket.

Please visit our Current Conditions page to see available activities. See our Mountain Map for location.


As of April 18, 2014 10:00 PM
High overcast skies

TODAY: Mix of sun and cloud with a possible mix of snow and rain. High 3.

TOMORROW: Cloudy with a possible mix of snow and rain. High 5.

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6 cm 7 days
526 cm Total this season
172 cm Depth at Plateau
288 cm Depth at Peak
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