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First Nations programming

Choose from a presentation or a full day program

first nations Cultural Program (full day) or first nations Presentation (45 minutes)

The híwus Feasthouse is the meeting place, to enjoy a full day of vivid legends, songs, dances and crafts. Step into an authentic Pacific Northwest Longhouse and let our Squamish First Nations Elder take you back in time to discover the traditional way of life of our First Nations people.

Our guides will greet your group at the base plaza and escort you to the mountaintop. Enroute to the híwus Feasthouse, students will enjoy a guided nature walk through a sub-alpine forest.


Chief Dan George Song - a prayer song given to the Coast Salish First Nations people to use
Sea Lion Song - generosity, sharing of natural resources and the resolving of negative situations without doing harm
Bear Song - shows respect to this powerful creature
Snowbird Song - healing song
Owl Song - an exit song, imparting peace, goodwill and positive feelings


Cedar Basket Story - learning, listening to one's elders, patience, friendship, sharing our own special gifts
Seagull Story - sharing, generosity, doing one's best, caring for one another
Sea Lion Story - the use of earned powers of a healing person 
Captain George Vancouver - welcoming, first meeting with Europeans
Floating Island - a story of how a ship was mistaken for a floating island, sharing of gifts

Program Info & Pricing

45-minute First Nations Presentation
This presentation can be chosen as one of the three activities in our Wildlife Education program or Mountaintop Adventures. Limit 100 people per presentation, up to 4 presentations daily. For more information on these programs visit our Field Trips Program page.

Full Day First Nations Cultural Programs
The First Nations Cultural programs are available year-round, and last approximately 4 hours. The program price includes Grouse Mountain Admission, snowshoe rentals (winter) or Ecowalk (summer), guides/storytellers, and craftwork.

Our regular First Nations Cultural Program is suitable for students Grade K-12. Students are taught about respect and caring for one another in their community; traditional cedar uses and the importance cedar played in First Nations history; the importance of storytelling and learning about their own culture and family customs; and the meaning behind symbols and legends and honouring them through a traditional dance. The craft is an example of a First Nations wall hanging using templates depicting traditional First Nations animals. 

Through the First Nations Heart program, our First Nations Elder shares some of his experience living in a Residential School, talks about respect and caring for one another, and opens the floor to a short Q&A at the end of the program. During the craft session, students will be guided by a First Nations elder and discuss creative outlets. This program is designed for secondary students and adults as some content may be unsettling for a younger audience.

Our full-day First Nations programs have been designed to meet Big Ideas and Curricular Competencies for Social Studies and Physical Education for Grades K-12.

sample schedule

9:30am - Arrive at the base of Grouse Mountain

9:45am - 10:00am - Skyride to Alpine station

10:15am - 11:45am - Interpretive eco-walk or guided snowshoe to the híwus Feasthouse

12:00pm - 1:30pm - First Nations Cultural Program with craft

1:45pm - 2:00pm - Skyride to base

2:30pm - Depart Grouse Mountain

booking & pricing

Please note that bookings must be made in advance. 

The híwus Feasthouse has the capacity to allow for several classes at once. Book with other classes from your school or district!

$41.00 per student + GST (minimum 25 students)