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field trips & education programs

Online education Programs

45 minute program

We are bringing you our two most popular programs online, right in the comfort of your own classroom. Our engaging educators offer fun, interactive learning, brought directly to your students. These online sessions include live chat to answer questions in real time, worksheets, videos, and webcams.

education programs at Grouse Mountain

Profile of Wildlife Manager, Devin Manky

Meet Devin, our Wildlife Manager at Grouse Mountain. Through our new online education programs, Devin has been sharing his knowledge about our resident Grizzly bears, Grinder and Coola as well as our owl ambassadors who live here at the Mountain.

Bears of North AMerica

We will be broadcasting from the Grizzly Look-out Yurt, right beside the Grizzly habitat, and tell you the story of how two orphaned grizzlies came to live on a ski hill, and take a closer look at the differences between grizzlies, black bears, and polar bears. Should Grinder and Coola prove to be camera-shy that day, our many webcams will help you take a peek into their daily lives as you observe them in their habitat.

Owls of Grouse Mountain

We will host a live session with one of our Owl Ambassadors and teach you about these amazing “silent-flying” raptors! Can an owl turn its head 360 degrees? Why are they called raptors? Do they really give a “hoot”? Learn these interesting answers and so much more.


Per class $150.00