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Grinder and Coola emerged from their hibernation den after a 152-day dormancy period. While snow-levels on the Mountain remain significant, crews at Grouse Mountain have been hard at work preparing the bears’ habitat for their emergence. The Wildlife team aims to emulate the environment they would naturally encounter. Grizzlies stay within proximity of their den upon emerging from dormancy and gradually increase their footprint. Their habitat at Grouse Mountain mimics this, with the early spring habitat smaller, ultimately increasing to the full 5 acres.
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Please be aware, our Chalet will be closed for a private function beginning at 3:30pm. A BBQ is available on the Spirit Gallery patio! Look for signage on-site for direction to the BBQ and access to the Theatre in the Sky. Skies are sunny for a great day and evening of mountaintop fun. The Snowshoe Grind is currently on Standby. Blue Grouse Loop remains open and all other trails are now closed for the season.