Sky-High Def

Learn more about Grouse Mountain in our high-definition theatre.

The Theatre in the Sky

Learn about Grouse Mountain’s fascinating native and adopted wildlife in our mountaintop high definition cinema.

Extremely Wild

The Discovery Channel presents “Extremely Wild”, the story of our two orphaned Grizzly Bears Grinder and Coola and their journey to the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife. This recently updated version of the film includes over 10 years of footage of the resident bears, including more recent footage filmed in stunning high definition.

Tyto's Triumph

Immediately following "Extremely Wild", be one of the first to see our newest feature "Tyto's Triumph". Learn about the incredible story of our resident Barn Owl Tyto and the on-going work being done to save the Northern Spotted Owl.

Born to Fly

"Born to Fly" takes you up close on a dramatic journey through the scenic beauty of BC. This stunning documentary reveals the highest peaks of BC's mountains, the sparkle of ocean whitecaps and the lushness of rainforest, all from an eagle's perspective. You will also uncover the story of Grouse Mountain's intriguing history - as a destination for hikers and nature lovers for over 100 years.

Theatre Showtimes & Info

Show 1, Extremely Wild + Tyto's Triumph: Plays at half past every hour starting at 9:30am 
Show 2, Born to Fly: Plays at the top of every hour starting at 10:00am 

Shows run daily from 9:30am to 9:00pm. Showtimes vary during our Peak of Christmas celebration. 

Access to the Theatre in the Sky is included with any Alpine Experience ticket or Annual Local's Pass.


As of April 20, 2014 8:00 PM
High overcast skies

TODAY: Mix of sun and cloud with possible mix of snow and rain. High 4.

TOMORROW: Cloudy with a possible mix of snow and rain. High 9.

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0 cm 24hrs
6 cm 7 days
526 cm Total this season
168 cm Depth at Plateau
287 cm Depth at Peak
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