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Deer at Grouse Mountain

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If you are walking around the top of Grouse Mountain this summer be sure to keep an eye out for our local Black-tailed Deer. We have seen several bucks (males) and also a couple does (females) with young following in stride.

Black-tailed deer are sub-species of Mule deer and our local population are the Columbian variety. The males grow antlers but the females do not. They spend their days roaming looking for grasses, berries and other vegetation to nibble on and as winter approaches they will descend down to the lower slopes usually below the snow line. 

A female almost always will have twins but the occasional single or triplets has been known to occur as well. We often see mom with a couple of young in tow up here at Grouse Mountain! Known as the 'ghosts of the pacific' these deer can be hard to hear as they can move near silently through the grasses and vegetation. 

So keep your eyes open next time you are up here and hopefully you'll see some of these amazing wild animals!
Keep your eyes out for deer around the Mountain.