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On Wednesday afternoon at approximately 2pm, Grinder and Coola, our two resident Grizzly Bears, emerged from their 10th hibernation at Grouse Mountain. This was their longest hibernation at Grouse Mountain at a little over five months in duration! 

As per their usual routine, Grinder dug his way out first once the den door was open and he was followed shortly thereafter by Coola. Once outside both bears proceeded to have a good romp in the snow, slide down the snow hills, clean their coats on the fresh snow and generally have a good time. After a good wrestle they both were breathing heavy and ready for a bit of R&R in the snow. 

During hibernation Grinder and Coola did not eat, sleep, urinate or deficate. They did spend some time shifting around, stretching and occasionally going for a short walk. These movements help keep their bones and muscles active so that in the spring they can be ready to go. Their rambuncious antics certainly were testimony to that! 

You can now visit Grinder and Coola in their hibernation habitat daily during our operating hours.


The Mountain is open for skiing and riding as well as our outdoor mountaintop activities daily. Please check our Spring Hours of Operation for details. Indoor dining has been paused until April 19th, 2021 but takeout and patio options are available. Learn more