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The second night of training for the Seek the Peak was a bit cold but the spirits were high and everyone was enjoying themselves! 
Mark, Michael and Thomas have joined the training to improve their fitness and have a lot of fun. They said they are really excited about doing the Seek the Peak and this will be a first time for them to try the race.
Loraine from the Grouse Mountain Events Team was on hand and encouraging everyone to drink water and get ready for the night of training. Loraine led my group (a run/walk group) and she was a great source of support for me. Recovering from a shoulder injury, I was a bit apprehensive about my first run but Loraine made it easy, providing words of support as I shuffled along.
The Vega team was on hand and gave a great talk on the importance of nutrition. I learned a lot, they explained the glycemic index and how different foods can affect your energy levels. They provided us with samples of the Vega products for before training, during and afterwards. Their biggest tip was not to try new foods or supplements on race day! 

I was a bit scared to start running again, but with the support of the run leaders I was able to run for 25 minutes and I felt great at the end of the run! Looking forward to next week when we will meet up at Ambleside and do a bit more of road running...

Interested in training or signing up for Seek the Peak? Check out the site here at

Until next week, have a great weekend,


In operation today are Upper Purgatory, Heaven's Sake, Paradise, Paradise Jib Park, Chalet Road, Cut Park, Peak Face and the Cut to mid-station. Check out the Activities and Attraction page for more information on terrain updates! Blue Grouse Loop and the Snowshoe Grind are now open 9am-Dusk!