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Sustainability in Motion


Program Overview

Using Grouse Mountain’s Blue Grouse sustainability efforts as an example, this program aims to bring awareness to today’s youth about their environment, surrounding wildlife and the many things they can do to sustain and support both. This program examines alternate forms of energy and creates discussion among the students on today’s current issues. Add on an inspiring visit to The Eye of the Wind, BC’s largest energy-producing wind turbine for a once-in-a-lifetime field trip! Students will ascend to 57 metres above Grouse Mountain’s peak in the turbine elevator and stand inside the glass-enclosed viewPOD, where they will see the turbine’s massive rotating blades from less than 2 metres away.

Field Experience Overview

The field experience focuses on what sustainability really means, how we can all make small changes in many aspects of our lives, in order to contribute in a very big way, as well as what Grouse Mountain is doing in becoming more sustainable. We will elaborate on the wildlife neighbors we share our environment with, and the impact that sustainability efforts will have on them. A review of the terms ecosystem, local environment, water cycle, surface runoff, leaching, biodegradable, natural resources, watershed, air-shed, conservation, recycling, extraction, harvesting, renewable, non-renewable, pollution (water, air, land), equilibrium, resource, raw materials, solar energy, environmental impact, endangered, threatened and extinct.

Secondary Applicable Big Ideas

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