Ski Wee & Wee Riders

Start your little ones off right.

Ski Wee & Wee Riders 
(3-6 years)

Under the expert care of our professional instructors, your child will focus on developing skills and good sportsmanship in a fun, playful environment. Situated in the Ski Wee Bowl, away from the main traffic, our caring and supportive instructors know how to make learning comfortable and entertaining for little ones. Wee Riders is available for young snowboarders.
Call to book Ski Wee & Wee Riders: 604.980.9311
Help your kids learn to ski or snowboard this winter with our Ski Wee and Wee Rider Programs.

Program Info

  • 5-6 year olds can only register for regular weekday Ski Wee sessions. Junior Ski Zone Camps are available for children 5-6 years old on weekends and during school holiday breaks.*
  • Children 3-4 yrs old can purchase Season’s Pass for $40.
  • Rates include a snack for the kids and one General Admission Ticket for a parent.
  • Participants must be 3 yrs of age and potty trained prior to their first scheduled lesson date.
  • Registration must be complete by 4pm the day prior.
  • Please meet a Ski Wee Instructor outside the Peak Chalet 15 minutes before the start of the session.
  • Parents who book their child in a Ski Wee/Wee Rider program will receive 10% off an adult group lesson for themselves. 
  • Helmets are mandatory and included with the Ski Wee/Wee Rider program. Helmets can also be purchased at Outfitters in the Chalet (Passholders receive 20% off).

Ability Level
In order to provide the most suitable training for all students, lessons are divided into groups based on their ability level. Please review the Ability Chart to determine the skill level of the student. 

Bonus for Parents
Sign up your child for Zone Camp, Zone Club, Freeride or Ski Wee/Wee Riders and receive a 10% discount on an adult lesson. 

Enjoy a complimentary Escort Ticket when you accompany your child on the Skyride. Please meet outside the Peak Chalet at session start time.

If you would like to ski or board while your child takes lessons, you can purchase a special lift ticket. For more information or to register, please contact Guest Services at 604.980.9311.

Pricing, Dates & Times

Half Day
Half Day
4 Half Days
4 Half Days
Session $70 $70 $255 $255
Session + Rental $79 $89 $278 $321
Session + Lift n/a $82 n/a $305
Session + Lift + Rental $79 $94 $278 $362

Ski Wee (ages 3-4):Daily, Dec. 11-Apr. 8

Wee Riders (ages 3-6): Weekends and Holidays, Dec. 16-April 8
Weekends: Morning & Afternoon sessions are available.

Ski Wee (ages 5-6): Weekdays, Dec. 11-Apr. 8 (except during Spring and Winter Breaks; during these breaks, Junior Ski Zone Camps are available for 5- and 6-year-olds.)

Morning session: 9:00am-12:00pm. 
Afternoon session: 1:00pm-4:00pm. 

Wee Family Day: Apr. 8, 1-4pm
Parents must bring their child(ren) to meet the Ski Wee instructor outside the Peak Chalet 15 minutes prior to the start of session. From here you will board the Sleigh Ride, which brings you to the Ski Wee Hut where you will complete the check in process. 
Private ski and snowboard lessons for your children at Grouse Mountain.

Adopt an Instructor

Looking for an alternative to group lessons? With Adopt an Instructor, your little one can take advantage of one-on-one lessons for their very first run or help them advance their skills quickly. 

Adopt an Instructor is available for junior skiers and riders.

Adopt an Instructor Program Info

Adopt an Instructor is for children 3 to 6 years old. 

Helmets are mandatory and can be rented for $5/day. 
Helmets can also be purchased at Outfitters in the Chalet. (Passholders received 20% off) 

Adopt an Instructor can be booked through Guest Services 604.980.9311. Please have all required information ready prior to calling to register. This includes your child's ability level, as well as accurate measurements of your child's height, weight and shoe size if you are renting equipment. 

Adopt and Instructor PRicing and Dates

Adopt and Instructor Rates 2017/18 4x 1 Hour
4 Private Sessions $275
Children 5 & up require a Lift Ticket or Season Pass. Parents and siblings can be booked for simultaneous private sessions at Adopt an Instructor rates.

Adopt an Instructor is available throughout the downhill season at Grouse Mountain. Times are subject to availability.