A Cut Above the Rest

Celebrating 25 years of Grouse Parks


Grouse Mountain is home to six parks that attract skiers and riders of all ability levels and ages from across BC and around the world. Whether you are new to freestyle terrain or you are a seasoned veteran, you will find features that match your ability and progression level.

The Cut Jump Line

Rating: L & XL
The Jump Line is located on The Cut, and is designed for the rider or skier that’s looking to progress their riding to a higher level. The Jump Line consists of three jumps ranging from 30’ to 60’, not to mention a solid mix of rails, boxes and snow features that lead directly into the Jump Line. If you’re looking to learn how to spin off jumps or want to get upside down twice, this is the park for you.

Cut Park

Rating: M, L, XL 
Cut Park is built for the intermediate and advanced riders who are ready to move on from the Rookie Park. This park is innovative and always changing. You can expect unique features that flow, one after another. Nearly one kilometer in length, your legs will be burning for more. Located just left of The Cut and in full view of the downtown Vancouver, this is the spot to be - day or night.

Grouse Woods™

Rating: S, M, L
Grouse Woods is our newest terrain park and the first of its kind in Canada. Using recycled wood and snow, our Parks crew has created a fun new terrain park experience. Current features available include a wood wall ride, pole jam log, down wood log and a flat wood log. Overall Grouse Woods incorporates a number of permanent features plus additional movable wood features.

You can find the new Grouse Woods located on Buckhorn. The area is marked as a terrain park but is accessible for all to enjoy.

Grouse Park

Rating: M, L, XL
Grouse Park is our premiere park next to The Cut Jump Line and hands-down the best park in Vancouver. Built for intermediate to advanced riders, this park is all about flow and feature creativity. Expect medium to large jumps, hips, spines and whale tales.The rail game is something out of the movies – complex and dreamy. Get stoked!

Rookie Park

Rating: S
Never hit a box? Never hit a jump? The Rookie Park is where it all begins, designed purely for the new park rider. This park contains non-intimidating features with ride-on and jump-on take offs to for rails, boxes, hips, jumps and bonks.

Paradise Park / Grom Zone

Rating: S
A great first foray into the parks, Paradise Park provides a variety of small features perfect for learning. Practice approaches, riding on and off entry jumps, rails and boxes. Riders graduate from Paradise to the Rookie Park.

Tips for Beginners

Remember to start small and never be embarrassed to take a lesson from our excellent Snow School instructors. Helmets highly recommended.