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Due to a number of challenging factors, including low registration numbers, we regret that there will not be a Grouse Grind™ Mountain Run event this year. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver high caliber events, which we know that you have come to expect.

We look forward to returning next year with an even bigger and better Grouse Grind™ Mountain Run and have earmarked September 16th, 2023 as a tentative date. Stay tuned for the official announcement and full event details.

For this year’s event, we will be providing a full refund to participants. Please allow 2 weeks for processing following September 9 and you will receive an email notification when processed. If the credit card you used to register is no longer active or your billing address has changed, please contact

The Grouse Grind™ Mountain Run continues to be an important event raising valuable funds for the cardiology department of BC Children’s Hospital. We are so appreciative of participants' fundraising efforts to date. These donations ensure these caregivers can continue their great work and provide BC’s children with the best heart health care possible, allowing them to reach their fullest potential.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. See you at next year’s Grouse Grind™ Mountain Run!