Have breakfast and visit with our bears

Have Breakfast with the Bears!

Book your family for an amazing breakfast experience at Grouse Mountain. Enjoy early access to the Mountain, watch Grinder and Coola explore their habitat and learn all about Grizzly Bears and bear conservation from one of our experienced staff before heading to the Grizzly Lookout Cafe for a beary delicious breakfast.
Note: Our Breakfast with the Bears experience is currently on hold for the 2021 summer season.

Meet at the Base Plaza, just outside of Starbucks, at 8:15am

Fun Bear Facts

  • Grizzly Bears often live to be around 20 to 25 years of age and vary in length from 5-8’ (1.5-2.4 m).
  • Bears are fast, capable of running up to 64 km/hour. The world's fastest human being Usain Bolt runs 43 km/hr.
  • Grizzly Bears are active during the day and night, but will often alter their habits to avoid humans in areas of high human use.
  • Bears are intelligent, curious, and have excellent memory, particularly regarding where food sources are located. Grizzly Bears can remember the faces of other bears they have not seen for 10 years or more.
  • Adult male Grizzlies hibernate for as little as several weeks, while females that emerge from dens with cubs can hibernate for as long as 7 months.
  • Polar Bears are white; their fur is actually clear and highly reflective, giving them a white appearance in bright sun. Underneath a Polar Bear's thick coat, their black skin helps them absorb heat from the sun.
  • Grizzly cubs are born blind, toothless, almost hairless and weighing 1 pound (half a kilogram).
  • Bears are sensitive. A bear's sense of smell is 1000 better than a human's. Bear noses contain hundreds of tiny muscles that allow them to manipulate them - with finger-like dexterity.
  • Grizzly Bears can easily eat over 100 pounds of salmon in a day, with a daily caloric requirements of almost 20,000 calories.
  • A bear’s body language can help reveal its mood. In general, bears show agitation by swaying their heads, huffing, popping their jaws, blowing and snorting, or clacking their teeth. Lowered head and laid-back ears also indicate aggression.
  • Grizzly Bears play an important role in forest ecosystems as seed dispersers and nutrient providers. Berry seeds pass through the bear unbroken and are able to geminate. Not only that, but they come with their own pile of fresh manure as fertilizer.
Bear Winter

Learn More About Bears

We have found some excellent documentaries about bears that you can watch online for free.


 Thank you for a great 2021/2022 Winter season.  Skiing and Snowboarding is now closed until next season!