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  • December 15, 2018 - December 24, 2018

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Now a time-honoured tradition as part of Grouse Mountain’s Peak of Christmas celebration, Breakfast with Santa will be featured in Lupins Café and Altitudes Bistro. Families can enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet, visit with Santa Claus, partake in face painting and enjoy a magic show! 

Dates & Times:
Dec. 15th - 9am - Lupins Café 
Dec. 16th - 9am - Lupins Café
Dec. 16th - 8.30am - Altitudes Bistro
Dec. 17th - 9am - Lupins Café
Dec. 17th - 8:30am - Altitudes Bistro
Dec. 18th - 9am  - Lupins Café
Dec. 18th - 8:30am - Altitudes Bistro
Dec. 19th - 9am - Lupins Café
Dec. 19th - 8:30am - Altitudes Bistro
Dec. 20th - 9am - Lupins Café
Dec. 20th - 8.30am - Altitudes Bistro
Dec. 21st - 9am - Lupins Café
Dec. 21st - 8.30am - Altitudes Bistro
Dec. 22nd - 9am - Lupins Café
Dec. 22nd - 8.30am - Altitudes Bistro
Dec. 23rd - 9am  - Lupins Café
Dec. 23rd - 8.30am - Altitudes Bistro
Dec. 24th - 9am - Lupins Café
Dec. 24th - 8.30am - Altitudes Bistro


Continental Breakfast Selections 
• Toast station with a selection of multi-grain, whole wheat, white and gluten-free breads 
• Bagels and roasted garlic cream cheese 
• Selection of fresh baked danishes, croissants and scones 
• Selection of cold cereals and milk 
• Roasted local granola, greek yogurt and honey 
• Fresh-cut seasonal fruit

Hot Selections
• Buttermilk pancakes, maple syrup, blueberry compote 
• Belgian waffles, strawberry conserve, maple whipped cream 
• Scrambled eggs • Roasted Yukon potatoes 
• Thick-cut double-smoked bacon 
• Traditional breakfast sausage

(4 and Under)
Passholder Prices  $54.72* $47.52* $22.32* $7.20*
Regular Prices $68.40* $59.40* $27.90* $9.00*
Prices include round trip Skyride and access to all our Peak of Christmas festivities. 

*An additional 18% gratuity plus applicable taxes will be automatically added to total bill.


Please be aware, due to inclement weather, the Downhill Area will be closing at 4pm. The Skyride will stop uploading at 5pm.