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Foreign foods, languages, customs - these create stress for me when I travel.

Question 2 of 10

Small adventures and outings on a trip are fun provided they are comfortable and not too strenuous - otherwise, I won't bother.

Question 3 of 10

It's more interesting to learn about how people used to live than to explore a culture as it is now.

Question 4 of 10

I travel to get away from my busy life, so I don't like to cram too much in.

Question 5 of 10

Natural beauty enamours me. Rainforests, wildlife, rock faces - these are beautiful in my eyes.

Question 6 of 10

No fast food chains for me! I like to eat in authentic local establishments and explore local neighbourhoods.

Question 7 of 10

I feel more comfortable travelling with a guide or tour group.

Question 8 of 10

I like to plan my trips ahead, so I try to learn everything I can before I go somewhere new.

Question 9 of 10

I try to travel to places my kids will love - vacations are about family fun.

Question 10 of 10

When I travel, I like to have the best of everything -- money is no object.