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At Grouse Mountain our Refuge for Endangered Wildlife sits at the heart of our mountaintop. Our connection to the natural environment is essential in everything we do and we strive to showcase the best of British Columbia including its wild spaces and species. 

It’s only natural then that we’ve come to incorporate programs that reflect and extend this connection. Our Pollinators Garden, participation the North American Hummingbird Banding Program and support of the Northern Spotted Owl captive breeding program are just a handful of examples. 

The Pollinators Garden was started at Grouse Mountain as a natural extension of our Bee Hive Program. Both educational and beautiful, the garden showcases regional varietals that are important in supplying a source of pollen to both our bees and a broad range of wild pollinators. 

As participants of the North American Hummingbird Banding Program for over 10 years, our collected data is compiled with data from other stations for research on hummingbird populations and migration in Western North America. This collection of data has led to interesting findings about hummingbirds in a sub-alpine environment. 

Ensuring that not just these, but all wildlife that inhabit the Coast Mountain range continue to have a home is important to ensure the longevity and diversity of the ecosystem.