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bear-thday fun-draiser

Saturday, July 29th | 10am-5pm


Bear-y exciting news – Grouse Mountain’s resident Grizzly bears are turning 22! To celebrate, Grinder and Coola are hosting the annual Bear-thday Fun-draiser, in partnership with the Grizzly Bear Foundation, on Saturday, July 29th at Grouse Mountain.

The fun-filled celebration will feature exclusive Bear-thday activities and educational programs to raise awareness and funds for orphaned Grizzly cub rewilding.

Bear-thday Fun-draiser
Saturday, July 29th
10am - 5pm
Included in Mountain Admission

Fun for the whole family

Scheduled Bear-thday Activities: 
• Enhanced Ranger Talks (Grizzly Bear Habitat) 
10:00am, 12:30pm, 4:00pm
  • Face Painting by donation (Grizzly Bear Habitat)
11:30am - 2:30pm
  • Indigenous Storytelling (Birds in Motion Area) 
• Grizzly Bear-thday Cake Smash with Grinder and Coola (Grizzly Bear Habitat) 

More Activities at the Grizzly Bear Habitat: 
• Craft Station and Scavenger Hunt 
• Sign a Bear-thday Card for Grinder and Coola 
• Grizzly Bear Foundation Education Booth 
• Bear-thday Merchandise for Sale

Supporting Orphaned grizzly cub rewilding

Partial proceeds from Mountain Admission tickets and Grouse Grind® Skyride Download tickets on July 29th, 2023 will benefit the Grizzly Bear Foundation’s Project Rewild. 

Project Rewild is innovative and world-leading research providing the science and best practices needed to inform and enhance rewilding efforts in British Columbia and beyond. 

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