Mountain Ropes Adventure™

Corporate Adventure Training


Our Mountain Ropes Adventure team building consists of a series of different aerial ropes courses varying in level of difficulty. With over 50 diverse elements such as ziplines, bridges, tunnels, slacklines and more, this course, both fun and challenging, will take your team to new heights! Team mates can cheer each other on and offer advice on the best way to successfully navigate the course. 

For teams with participants that would prefer to keep their feet planted on the ground, your team needs you! The ground team will be key players in our parachute challenge. This fun lighthearted competition has the ground team build a parachute while the tree team transports a team mascot through the course. The parachute is then used to deliver the mascot safety to the ground.
Ziplining on the new Mountain Ropes Adventure, aerial ropes course at Grouse Mountain

Program Objectives

  • Create a positive atmosphere of fun and camaraderie
  • To promote positive team relationships
  • To encourage healthy competition to help achieve best performance
  • Recognize individuals unique skills and the importance of sharing these to achieve success


  • Supports understanding of skills and abilities within the team
  • Encourages creative approaches to problem solving
  • Enhances communication, collaboration and cooperation
  • Provides a strong platform for participation by all (even in large groups) in a single multi-faceted activity
  • Allows individuals from diverse areas in large organizations to interact dynamically in a short period of time
  • High energy with lots of pace
  • Highly challenging with low risk
  • Teams are able to share success

Info & Booking

Group size: 6+ Max 45. 
Physical impact: medium or high (Low for those on the ground) 
Program length: half-day (3-4 hours) 
Availability: May to October Bookings include program equipment and materials, facilitation and Mountain Admission 
Recommended enhancements: Can be combined with any other half-day program or add-on.

Contacts us or call 604.980.9311 for more information or to book your Mountain Ropes Team Building Adventure today.


To ensure you’re prepared for your visit, please check current conditions and the status of activities before arriving at Grouse Mountain. Grouse Mountain is requiring all guests (born in 2009 or earlier) to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.