Teen Team Building


Program Overview

With guidance from our skilled facilitators, students will experience a unique day of experiential training and development activities, teamwork and leadership exercises in a spectacular outdoor learning environment.
To further your custom team building experience, add on 2 of the following activity choices:

1. Introduction to Conflict Management – students will be led through exercises that will involve current, local issues, and will learn skills on listening, speaking, clarity, compromise, empathy, and critical thinking. 
2. Hiwus Presentation with our First Nations Elder in our Feasthouse 
3. Ecohike or Snowshoe, depending on season and snow conditions 
4. GPS Quantum Challenge: Overview: 3 GPS locations to find, at each location each team will have a small challenge to complete.

Educators will cover: 
           • How the GPS works 
           • How to work as a group 
           • Stay within safe limits on a mountain environment
           • Everyone in the group will get a chance to use the GPS unit
           • Troubleshooting and problem solving – what are the limits of the machine? 

Program Objectives
           • To understand effective processes for communication, and problem solving.
           • To examine the concepts of Collaboration vs. Competition and Time vs. Quality.
           • To promote understanding and appreciation of different leadership styles.
           • To promote positive team relationships.

           • Involves every participant (even in large groups) in a single multi-faceted activity.
           • Activity is equally effective when presented in its easiest or most difficult formats.
           • Provides opportunities to create situations that promote interactions based on desired outcomes.
           • High energy level and fast pace of the activity increase the level of positive participation.
           • Challenging, yet low risk.
           • Teams are able to interact, share enormous success and celebrate as a unit.

           • Better understanding of skills and abilities within the team.
           • Establishes personal bonds leading to decreased conflict
           • Development of creative approaches to problem solving.
           • Enhanced communication linkages, collaboration and cooperation.

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