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Snowshoe Grind Leader Boards

This Season

  • Men
    Name Time
    James Stewart 00:25:32
    Wayne Enright 00:34:10
    Tobyn Kidd 00:42:29
    Bob Melling 00:44:52
    Alex Stojanov 00:45:20
    Andy Peter 00:46:50
    Bruno Leveque 00:47:44
    John O'brien 00:48:06
    Gary Lubin 00:49:21
    Paul Boileau 00:49:47
  • Women
    Name Time
    Julie Mcclenahan 00:38:56
    Tamara Woolgar 00:39:13
    Tatiana Ligai 00:40:50
    Cecilia Tugade 00:42:27
    Fely Wray 00:42:51
    Judy Westacott 00:48:02
    Trisha Chenatte 00:53:00
    Kim Mattinson 01:02:20
    Deborah Jessiman 01:02:31
    Leanna Lum 01:06:27

All Time

  • Men
    Name Time
    James Stewart 00:25:32
    David Noble 00:26:05
    Oliver Bibby 00:26:19
    Herman Alagao 00:26:32
    Ian Robertson 00:27:16
    Ray Barrett 00:27:39
    Masamichi Shibata 00:27:50
    Andrew Hanlon 00:28:17
    Tim Wiens 00:28:43
    Toni Hulsch 00:29:02
  • Women
    Name Time
    Brooke Spence 00:30:04
    Esta Cormack 00:32:41
    Mona Windl 00:33:02
    Kathy Porter 00:35:20
    Julie Mcclenahan 00:35:38
    Jennifer Golinski 00:36:40
    Sue Ing 00:37:09
    Debra Booth 00:37:42
    Amy Tso 00:37:59
    Barbara Dortch 00:38:33

Results Men

Leaders by Age Group

Results Women

Leaders by Age Group

Most Grinds - Men

Most Grinds - Women

Most Grinds This Season

  • Men
    Name Grinds
    Idar Karlsen 68
    Andy Peter 51
    Terry Byrne 50
    Bob Melling 37
    Gerald Rohatensky 33
    Iqbal Singh Brar 30
    Alex Stojanov 25
    Gian Singh Kotli 25
    Tobyn Kidd 24
    Colin Ghost Ellis White 20
  • Women
    Name Grinds
    Julie Mcclenahan 87
    Tatiana Ligai 68
    Judy Westacott 48
    Atoussa Alikashani 30
    Trisha Chenatte 27
    Deborah Jessiman 13
    Cecilia Tugade 9
    Bing C. 6
    Leanna Lum 5
    Tamara Woolgar 5

Most Grinds Ever

  • Men
    Name Grinds
    Terry Byrne 1,776
    Tom Sertic 915
    Idar Karlsen 885
    Cameron Gillis 433
    Kalwant Sahota 288
    Dan Norberg 216
    Tom Foreman 214
    Iqbal Singh Brar 204
    Colin Ghost Ellis White 197
    John H Yagi 181
  • Women
    Name Grinds
    Julie Mcclenahan 499
    Trisha Chenatte 444
    Lorna Fahbod 431
    Judy Westacott 387
    Amy Tso 355
    Kathy Porter 182
    Veronika Sertic 122
    Barbara Dortch 89
    Atoussa Alikashani 87
    Jennifer Golinski 81

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