Ski Instructor Certification

CSIA Level 1 Certification (15+ years)

Become a certified CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructor's Alliance) Level 1 instructor! This course will introduce participants to the tips and techniques needed to teach beginning skiers.

Course - $399 (includes lift)
Retests - $199.50 (includes lift)

Certification Course Info

Session Times
Day 1 - Meet your Course Conductors in the Valley Plaza at the base of the Mountain, in front of Guest Services at 8:30am. The day finishes around 4:30pm

Days 2 & 3 - Meet your Course Conductors at the Snow School Meeting Place at 9:00am. Days finish around 5:00pm.
CSIA Certification Course Dates 2016/17 Dates
Session 1 Dec. 4, 10, 11
Session 2 Jan. 8, 14, 15
Session 3 Feb. 5, 11, 12
Session 4 Feb. 26, Mar. 4, 5
Session 5 Apr. 21, 22, 23

Earn External Credit Towards a BC High School Diploma

You can earn credits towards your high school diploma by becoming CSIA certified. The British Columbia Ministry of Education has approved the CSIA Level 1 Certification course as an External Credential. An External Credential is a credit that has been developed outside the Ministry of Education and takes a student outside of the regular classroom setting. 

High School Students aged 15 and over can receive 2 credits towards their High School Diploma if they successfully complete the CSIA Level 1 Instructors course. Once a student has passed the CSIA Level 1 Instructors course, they must present a CSIA membership card, a signed letter of congratulations from the Executive Director, and a CSIA pin to the school. The school will then examine the course documentation and provide 2 credits to the student.

Ski Instructor Course Prep (15+)

Take a 1-day prep session with Grouse Mountain's own top Course Conductors to prepare for the CSIA Level 1 Certification Course.

Prep Course Cost
Course - $99
Course + Lift - $147 (Adults)
Course + Lift - $136 (Youth 15-18)

Prep Course Info

Dates for 2016/17
Dec. 3
Jan. 7 
Feb. 4
Feb. 25

Session Times

Check In
Meet your Course Conductors in the Valley Plaza at the base of the Mountain at 9:00am.

The Prep Course is available to any strong parallel skier (level 5 or higher) 15 years or older. 
To register, call Guest Services at 604.980.9311.

We are looking for instructors

Grouse Mountain is looking for Instructors for the 2016/17 season. We will interview and hire candidates pending successful course completion. If you are interested in working this winter, please apply here.

About CSIA Certification

For more information on the CSIA please visit their website at