Mountaintop Scavenger Hunt

Explore the Mountain while teams complete challenges and learn about their fellow teammates.

A Fun Scavenger Hunt, Showcasing the Best of BC

Receive an envelope full of questions and challenges that will encourage collaboration and creativity. Select missions that utilize your team's skills to maximize point potential. Start with easier challenges and build momentum for the more difficult high point exploits. The Scavenger Hunt is best completed in teams of 8-10 people. Each Scavenger hunt ends with a full group debrief announcing which team is to be crowned the Grouse Mountain champions! Suitable for all fitness levels.
The winning photo by Jacqueline Sinclair in week one of our Bear Discovery contest

Program Objectives

  • To encourage healthy competition to help achieve best performance.
  • To develop or refine listening, collaboration and problem solving skills
  • To have fun, laugh, play and explore the Mountain

Activity Summary

Each team receives a set of clues/challenges, and the team must decide how to best address the set of clues. From deductive reasoning to physical exertion; persuasive abilities to spacial relations, the challenges rely upon a broad skill set and the ability to engage the group for optimal results.

The Scavenger Hunt is time limited, encouraging groups to work under pressure and embrace the fun. A facilitator will be present to provide instruction and provide assistance where required.

And while the winning team will be showered with accolades at the post Hunt debrief, the group discussion about process, skills, learnings and finding the humor is the real prize.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Supports understanding of skills and abilities within the team.  
  • Encourages creative approaches to problem solving. 
  • Enhances communication, collaboration and cooperation.
  • Provides a strong platform for participation by all (even in large groups) in a single multi-faceted activity. 
  • Shows the benefits of a flexible, open-minded approach in solving clues.
  • Allows individuals from diverse areas in large organizations to interact dynamically in a short period of time. 
  • Can be customized to provide opportunities for specific themes that promote specific interactions based on desired outcomes. 
  • High energy with lots of pace. 
  • Highly challenging with low risk. 
  •  Teams are able to share success.

Info & Booking

Group size: 10-400

Program length: full-day (6-8 hours) includes Mountain Ziplines and lunch, half-day (3-4 hours), or add-on (2 hours). Available year round.

Bookings include program equipment and materials, facilitation and Skyride admission. 

Recommended enhancements: add an event photographer, axe throw finale (complimentary for groups 50+) fondue, or visit from our resident barn owl.

Contact us  or call 604.980.9311.