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Pass Protection

Protect your investment with Pass Protection

Protect Your Winter Investment

Pass Protection from Grouse Mountain offers peace of mind and protection for the investment you're making in your winter season. 

Should a serious medical situation prevent you from enjoying your pass for the full season, Pass Protection offers a partial refund or transfer of your pass.

Pass protection must be purchased at the time of your pass purchase. See below for full details.

Pass Protection Details

Last updated February 15, 2024

If Pass Protection is declined, no refund or transfer of the season pass will be offered under any circumstance.

Pass Protection is available for purchase with your winter season pass ($49 for an individual pass). Pass protection must be purchased at the time of your pass purchase. 

At time of purchase, our typical refund policy will apply. This policy states that under no circumstances will refunds or credits be given to those who do not purchase our Pass Protection option.

Period of Coverage: 
Coverage begins at the beginning of the winter season, or on the date the protection is purchased, and terminated on the last day of the winter season in which the pass expires.

Protected Persons 
This coverage will allow for the cancellation of the Season's Pass for the Protected Passholder, and up to three (3) additional family members protected on the Application if Pass Protection is purchased for a Family Pass.

Pass Protection Details:
If a parent, spouse, or child (under the age of 19) is also a refundable passholder and chooses to cease participation due to a family member's injury or sickness, he or she is also eligible to a refund. The associated family member must be a passholder at Grouse Mountain Resort. The refund is limited to one additional claimant. 

Season Passes will be refunded according to the ‘Refund Schedule’ (see below) based on the following criteria: 
  • Debilitating injury/illness that prevents participation in skiing or snowboarding for at least 30 consecutive days. A doctor's note is required. 
  • Passholder's employer requires a residential relocation of at least 300km from Grouse Mountain Resort. The transfer must take place at least 45 days after the pass purchase date and must be involuntary. 

Refund option does not include:
  • Intentional self-injury or pre-existing injury. 
  • Voluntarily leaving the area for work or travel, or any other change in employment status other than a transfer by current employer. 
  • Environmental and Mechanical circumstances such as fire, vandalism, labor disputes, weather conditions or mechanical failures. 
  • Travel plan cancellations - i.e. deciding to not travel to North Vancouver and/or Grouse Mountain Resort.

Refund Schedule: 
Date of Claim
Refund Amount
Pass Used 0-4 Days Pass Used 5-14 Days Pass Used 15+ Days
Prior to December 15, 2024 100% 75% No Refund
Prior to January 15, 2025 75% 50% No Refund
Prior to February 15, 2025 50% 25% No Refund
After February 15, 2025 No Refund No Refund No Refund

Grouse Mountain will reimburse the listed percentage of the Season Pass Price resulting from Non Participation by the Protected Passholder following an event under Description of Coverage from the official opening date of the ski area. 

Reimbursement and refund requests must fall within the reasons listed in the Pass Protection Details and proper documentation must be provided at the time of request (Doctor or Employer letters on official medical or company letterhead).

Any refund requests submitted without Pass Protection will be declined.