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Before Christmas last year, we had a new arrival on the mountain - a male Snowy Owl originally from Edmonton. 

Over the holidays we held a naming competition and the final choice from guests and fans was 'Blizzard' - an apt name for a white bundle of feathers on our snowy mountaintop!

Blizzard is our newest Wildlife Ambassador and, in addition to our Barn Owl Cleo, will be heading out soon to visit school groups and make special appearances around the mountain.  

He is three and a half years old and has a wonderful personality. Blizzard has his own large aviary up here on the mountain where he can fly and play in the snow.  

Snowy Owls can be found throughout the northern Hemisphere and spend their summers on the high arctic tundra.  Their winters are spent at lower latitudes, however, and many call BC and Vancouver their winter getaway home!

Be sure to watch for Blizzard making appearances around Grouse Mountain the next time you are up top!