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Guest post by Paul Soukoreff:

Ok… I'll admit it, I'm a little uneasy with heights, but strapping myself to the roof of the Super Skyride with my daughter Richelle was a total blast and an awesome way to start the season! I know what you're asking… what's it like heading over the top tower? I thought my knees would be knocking a little but it was smooth as butter! You should've seen the expression on the peoples faces as we crossed paths with the other tram!

I recently received a fabulous package from Quiksilver. They sent me a Travis Rice kit. Besides looking completely awesome the jacket and pants have fantastic manoeuvrability and are super comfortable to wear. Even the Quik thermal wear is 'camo', how cool can that be! 

To commemorate the Golden Year I created my own snowboard graphics themed after Grouse Mountain's creative and dedicated Park Crew - check it all out on this short video.

Looking forward to seeing you on the slopes!