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Hi Grouse Enthusiasts, 

My name is Carleigh Sisson and I am the newest addition to the marketing team here at Grouse Mountain coming all the way from Ontario. This summer I will be doing an marketing internship and will give you an exciting behind the scenes look at the mountain from a newcomers perspective. 

I am a recent graduate from Wilfrid Laurier’s Honours Bachelors Business Administration program with a specialty in marketing. My passion for marketing started in high school when I took a grade 10 introduction to marketing class. I have been a frequent visitor to Vancouver since 2001, when my Aunt and Uncle moved out West with my two cousins. I have always thought Grouse Mountain is an amazing place and coming from Ontario I find it very cool that there is a mountain so close to the city. Also, my cousins are being able to take the bus from school and go snowboarding at night which is awesome! 

In April of this year, I again visited Vancouver after I finished my last set of exams. After my trip, my Mom suggested that I apply to post graduate positions not only in Toronto but also in Vancouver. That is when I saw the posting for the Marketing Intern position here at Grouse Mountain and I was so excited to apply. The job description was exactly what I was looking for and would give me the ability to dip my toes into all the different functions of a marketing department, it was perfect. Weeks later, I had phone and Skype interviews and finally got “the phone call”. I remember the exact moment when I received the voicemail saying that they wanted me to be the intern for the summer, I was so excited I started to tear up in joy. I booked my flight two days later and couldn't wait to start. I am excited to learn all about Grouse Mountain, to be able to apply my knowledge and skills from university to get some real life marketing experience during the next few months. 

Stay tuned throughout the summer as I will be posting a weekly “behind the scenes look” detailing what I get up to during my internship and sharing all of interesting things that are happening here at Grouse. I hope you enjoy my blogs!


The Mountain is open for skiing and riding as well as our outdoor mountaintop activities daily. Please check our Spring Hours of Operation for details. Indoor dining has been paused until April 19th, 2021 but takeout and patio options are available. Learn more