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We get a lot of questions on how Alpha, our remaining Timber Wolf, is doing and he's doing really well!  After the passing of our older brothers, Beta and Omega, we watched him closely for any behavioral changes and after a short period of nervousness he quickly settled in to a new routine.

It is not uncommon to find lone wolves in the wild.  Sometimes they have been displaced by a pack or, similar to our case, their pack has diminished overtime until they are by themselves.

Alpha has been howling a little bit more often, which is common with lone wolves but overall his activity is normal and we've observed lots of play behaviors such as rolling, 'prancing', chasing birds and digging.  These behaviors tell us that he feels pretty normal and is not stressed.  

We are still researching introducing other wolves to Alpha but it is a slow process to make sure everyone gets along.  We'll be sure to post it here if we decide to get him some packmates!

Here's a shot of his footprint in some recent snowfall and also a funny picture of him caught in the act of shaking his head and watching us for food!

We'll keep you updated on how he is doing!


 Grouse Mountain is introducing a new seasonal closure November 1 – 12 that will take place annually as the Mountain transitions between its Summer and Winter operations. Please visit our News post for more information.