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Dear Mother Nature, 

Here at Grouse Mountain we have the utmost respect for you. We really do. You’ve provided us with some pretty stellar summertime weather in recent years and your winters have become the stuff of legend here at the Peak of Vancouver. 

We’re just reaching out to see what’s going on because…well, you haven’t exactly lived up to the standards we have become used to so far. By this point in the season, we’re usually dreaming of our next bluebird day instead of anxiously crossing our fingers waiting for the snow to arrive in abundance. 

And don’t get us wrong. We’re always prepared to do our part. Last summer, our mountain operations crew did some great work on our runs to make it easier for us to open on less snow. When we opened (early, we might add) on November 15th, we were stoked for the season ahead. So much so, that whenever the snow did fall our Groomers did a whole lot with very little. Our amazing Mountain Operations team has reached deep into their bag of tricks this season harvesting snow, moving snow, tarping and trenching. If it allowed us to open terrain or keep terrain open, I guarantee you it’s been done and is continuing to be done whenever we can. 

But, despite all that, we know our ski and snowboard enthusiasts are understandably a little disappointed that we haven’t been able to open as much of our ever-popular downhill terrain as we’d like. And to be pretty honest, we’re pretty choked about it too. We’ve done our part. Could you please do yours? 

Now, you should know that we’re an optimistic bunch up here. It’s only February and we know that in the past you’ve delivered us some pretty spectacular snow in February and March. With that in mind, we’d like to suggest a little extra cold and/or snowfall (we’re not picky, we’ll take whatever we can get). We’ve built a proud reputation for being the local mountain with the longest ski and snowboard season and we’re just not willing to give that up. You could say that we have a bit of a stubborn streak that way.

So please, Mother Nature, let’s work together. Collaboration is all the rage. We’re happy to do a snow dance, meditate, do a little self-reflection. Whatever you need us to do. Just give us back our winter. We know our passholders – and our staff – would certainly appreciate it. 


Grouse Mountain