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Recently, I was walking around the corner of the office and caught a flash of white and blue perched nearby.  My first thought was that it was an unusual Steller's Jay, as we have quite a few that hang out nearby.  Upon closer inspection, however, it turned out to be a brilliant blue and white budgie!

Budgies, or Budgerigars, are common household pets - perhaps the most commonly kept pet bird.  They are native to Australia, so I knew for certain that he had not migrated his way up here by accident!

Since they are social birds, I was able to play some Budgie calls on my iPhone and draw him in close.  He still wouldn't come directly to me, so after some time I was able to get him to the back deck of the office where I was able to catch him in a butterfly net.  He's now resting comfortably in a temporary bird house while we try and find his owners.

He's even chatting away as I write this!  We have placed notices at the SPCA and at local parrot rescues, but if you know anyone on the North Shore who is missing a blue and white Budgie please ask them to get in touch with us at the Wildlife Refuge at 604-998-4229.


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