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As 2011 draws to a close, I can reflect on what a successful year it has been at the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife.  After a long 2011/2010 hibernation (the longest on record at 5 months!), Grinder and Coola were happy to get out into their habitats in early May this year.  Last winter's unprecedented snowfall left a huge amount for Grinder and Coola to play in until well into July.  They sure enjoyed it!

Our BIrd's in Motion team had a great summer as well, with huge numbers of guests learning about raptors and watching these amazing birds in flight.  

This summer we also welcomed Tyto, our Barn Owl Wildlife Ambassador, to our team.  He has fit right in and is now a pro at visiting school groups and making surprise appearances around the mountaintop for our guests.  He is working on flight training too and he will have a busy 2012 in front of him since he has become quite the star.

Our pack of Timber Wolves enjoyed a lazy summer and have now put on their full winter coats and are looking as healthy and spry as ever.  The wolves also enjoy it when it snows and can be seen romping and playing in it.

Finally, we ended 2011 on a high note with a visit from Santa's reindeer, Dancer and Vixen.  Dancer and Vixen are always a hit and children enjoy meeting them and learning about how Reindeer pull sleighs and how Dancer and Vixen get ready for Christmas Eve.  It is always a little sad when they return to the North Pole each year, but I guess they deserve their rest after an around the world trip in just one evening!

Thank you once again for all of our supporters and visitors this past year.  We certainly enjoy having you up here!

I hope everyone has a great end to 2011 and an amazing 2012 - I know we will here at the Refuge!


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