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Hello everyone! Spring is changing into summer (albeit slowly!) and with that change the first young animals of the year are starting to appear. We've already seen young deer following their mothers around, and black bears with cubs wandering the high areas of the mountain. In addition to the baby mammals, our feathered wildlife has also been busy and we've spotted the first young Robins out of their nest within the last week and some young barn swallows within their mud-nests. 

Just the other day we saw a pair of Dark-eyed Juncos feeding their young in a dense shrub near the Grizzly Bear Habitat. The shrub offers excellent protection from predators and if it weren't for spotting the adults entering the shrub with food we would probably never have known they were there! I've attached some photos taken with a telephoto lens (please remember to respect the birds and don't get too close or distruptive if you are photographing a nesting location. Never remove the protective cover to get a better shot as the babies rely heavily on this for safety). Hope you enjoy!