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Our commitment to embedding the principles of sustainability into every aspect of our lives includes the pursuit of smarter and better energy alternatives to meet our needs. As part of our Blue Grouse philosophy, we believe wind energy offers a proven approach in environmental and economic responsibility, as well as educational and inspirational value for our communities. 

The construction and operation of a single wind turbine atop Grouse Mountain would create B.C.’s first viable wind energy solution.

Grouse Mountain diligently followed the District of North Vancouver's application requirements set out for us in consideration of the necessary building permit to erect this iconic structure. 
The supporting documents below were presented by representatives of Grouse Mountain and third-party experts (covering wind speeds, wind direction, noise levels and impact on wildlife), at a public information session held at Montroyal Elementary School on September 4, 2008. 

Reports Presented

  • Overview Wildlife 
  • Wind Energy Information 
  • Turbine Details 
  • Visualization & Sound


 Grouse Mountain is introducing a new seasonal closure November 1 – 12 that will take place annually as the Mountain transitions between its Summer and Winter operations. Please visit our News post for more information.