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Hello, Grouse Grinders! With the beginning of the Grouse Grind season just around the corner, we want to give our hiking community a heads up about some work that BC Hydro completed during the winter season as you’ll likely notice a difference to the treeline near Lot D.

This past fall, BC Hydro removed approximately 150 to 200 trees from the north slope of Lot D as they were deemed to be a danger to the power lines. In fact, one or two of these trees fell against the high voltage line last year, ultimately causing small fires.

All of this work was done by BC Hydro contractors in consultation with landowner Metro Vancouver as well as the District of North Vancouver. All necessary permits were applied for and all bylaws were respected during this process.

Following the tree felling, BC Hydro biologists deliberately left a number of the fallen trees in place as a part of the re-vegetation plan for the area. By early March, more than 600 plants were planted in the area using native species, including cascara, sitka willow, vine maple, black hawthorn in addition to several others that will not pose a threat to the power lines.

It is important to note that all of this work was completed prior to the start of this year’s bird nesting season.