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Grinder and Coola, our two resident Grizzly Bears, continue to sleep away during their 2022/2023 winter dormancy period (aka Hibernation).  This doesn't mean, however, that they are simply remaining in one spot for the entire time.  Wish you could see what their entire day looks like?  Well we have an exciting new time lapse feature on the bear camera that lets you watch an entire day in Grinder and Coola's hibernation life in a short 3 minute time span.

Simply go to the bear camera page at : and in the upper right corner you'll see three little lines - if you click here you can choose "yesterday's timelapse" and view the entire day before in time lapse format over three minutes.  

You'll see that even though they are sleeping the winter away the bears are fairly active during select periods each day.  This activity is more of a sleep walk state and it is theorized that this activity helps keep their bones and muscles active, stretched and strong during the winter months.  In the wild it also keeps them active enough that if something threatened their main den (avalanche, mud slide, tree fall etc.) they could relocate to a nearby location if need be.

Be sure to check out their timelapse each day - it's one of our daily routines as well!  We are anticipating a date sometime in April for Grinder and Coola to emerge from this years hibernation and it is always one of our happiest days of the year as well - stay tuned!