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As the weather starts to get colder and the days grow shorter, our two resident Grizzly Bears grow a bit wider!  

The bears have begun to enter a state referred to as hyperphagia - which is essentially a fancy term for pigging out.  When they enter this state they are focused primarily on increasing their calorie intake to bulk up for hibernation.  We see a dramatic increase in their appetite and a strong preference for proteins.

We have started to increase the amount of meat in their diet - primarily in the form of salmon.  They also get a lot more of the kibble which is high in protein, fats and apparently tastes good!  

We've also noticed that they are leaving their vegetables (sweet potatoes and carrots) in favor of eating the kibble and meat.  This is a sure sign that their appetites are changing and they are preparing for winter.

Over the next month they will continue to put on pounds and can increase their body weight by up to 20% as they get ready for hibernation!  These stored fats will be consumed during the winter dormancy period and they will emerge in the spring healthy and much leaner.

Sounds like a great way to spend the winter!  Be sure to visit Grinder and Coola now until approximately mid-November before they go into hibernation for the year.