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Last night marked the beginning of Grinder and Coola's 11th Hibernation Period at the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife.  

Over the last two weeks the bears have been slowing down and eating less while spending more time sleeping inside their den.  They have built a deep mattress out of Pacific Silver-fir Branches (supplied by our Wildlife Rangers!) and are now spending all of their time in the den.

This, combined with short days and fresh snowfall is a sure sign that Hibernation has officially begun.  

During Hibernation, however, the bears will still stretch, roll over, make the bed or even go for a little walk.  All of this activity keeps their bones and muscles working throughout the winter time.  They will not eat anymore food, however, until next spring!

Feel free to watch inside their den on a special infrared camera by viewing our wildlife camera on the Grouse Mountain Website located here.

We look forward to the spring and the emergence of Grinder and Coola!


From all of us at Grouse Mountain, thank you for joining us during our winter season! We'll see you on the slopes next season! Guests should adhere to current public health orders and travel restrictions. Indoor dining has been paused until May 24th, 2021 but takeout and patio options are available - learn more